New beginnings

Posted by Chris on April 22, 2009


Blueplane at the AYE 2008 conference


Things are changing. We are closing down Blueplane after two fun and interesting years. I have had a great time and learned a lot and I am sure my colleagues would say the same (here is what Andrés and Joakim say). Now I am looking forward to a new beginning, although I do not know where right now. If you have an idea or suggestion, please let me know. I’d love to talk.


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  • Josepj, thanks for the heads up. However, it works when I click it. Does it not work for you?

  • As a side note, your link to your profile on linkedIn is not working.

  • Steve, Staffan, thanks for your support and encouragement. In fact, that is precisely what we did tonight. We went out, raised a couple of glasses and reflected on the great time we have had these years. Thanks!

  • Chris, It may sound odd, but I suggest celebrating. Raise your glass and toast your colleagues for helping you grow. Toast how this experience has helped you grow. Toast how this experience will make you more empathetic to organizational change and the need for agility. Toast the events that made you aware that you needed to go in a different direction. Toast your skill at being congruent. Cry and laugh. It's all connected. I wish you and your colleagues all best. Each of you is a great person. Warm regards, Steve

  • Chris, I am pretty sure that you also have lots of ideas, what to do next. Let me know if you want feedback on any of them.

    And good luck with your next step!

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