From good developer to great developer

Posted by Chris on October 30, 2008

During this autumn we at Blueplane have started a series of breakfast seminars. Next time, on Tuesday 11 november, it is my turn. My presentation is called “From good to great developer” (or as it is presented in Swedish, “Från duktig till fantastisk utvecklare”. I will talk about how I characterize great developers, and show an example of how a great developer implements a new feature while at the same time improving existing code, following an attitude I describe as Simplify, Improve, Modify. I will also discuss ways to motivate and support good developers to take that attitude and become great developers.

As I have been preparing the presentation, I have tried to identify the people will attend it. Next, to make sure that my material is relevant to these people, I have written down their reasons for being there, in a user story format. This way I can quite easily decide if an idea I want to talk about is actually relevant for the audience, or just a darling.

Here are the stories I came up with:

In order to deliver high-quality software with predictability, as a manager I want to support good developers to become great

In order to have more enjoyable challenges, work less with frustrating bugs and more with interesting problems, and advance my own skills, as a great developer I want to advance my colleagues into peers

In order to have more stimulating work and earn the respect of my colleagues, as a good developer I want to have some hands-on advice on what I can do to improve as a developer

If you want to attend the seminar on Tuesday 11 november and have a free breakfast (breakfast is served at 07.30), send an email to The place is St Gertrud Konferens, Östergatan 7b, in Malmö, Sweden. See this pdf (in Swedish) for more info.


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  • Alan Ramos

    This has been one of the best presentations I have been attending and I am quite inspired but also motivated to take with my colleagues. Indeed this is a challenge but it is also an opportunity to work and improve productivity and bug free code.



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