Dynamic Management Objects in SQL Server 2005

Posted by Chris on October 04, 2006

Performance tuning and troubleshooting in SQL Server has always been something of a black art. To be effective at it you need to know how to use a large set of tools, including Profiler, Perfmon, DBCC commands and stored procedures. Sometimes it can seem almost random which tool you should use for a specific issue. They will often affect performance themselves, so you might not always be able to use them. [...] SQL Server 2000 can be seen as a black box that can be quite difficult to penetrate. SQL Server 2005 changes all this by introducing the new Dynamic Management Objects.

I have written a short “article on Dynamic Management Objects (DMVs and DMFs) in SQL Server 2005″:/writings/dynamic-management-objects for the “Quest Pipelines newsletter”:http://www.quest-pipelines.com/newsletter-v6/newsletter_1205.htm.


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