Coming user group meetings

Posted by Chris on October 04, 2006

This Thursday I will be in Stockholm for the “Swedish SQL Server User Group’s (SQLUG)”: final meeting of 2005. The two presentations will be given by none other than Dr. Michael Rys of Microsoft (and member of the ISO standard SQL committee as well as the XQuery committee on W3c)! I saw him at -PDC- PASS and know he is a good speaker so this will be a great meeting.

Then on Monday 12/12 the local .NET user group that I am co-founder of, “Skånsk .NET User Group (SNUG)”: will have our last meeting for 2005. We have some maybe not as famous speakers but still very interesting presentations to offer; Marcus Widerberg from Dotway will talk about Developing with Generics in .NET 2.0 and then Kim Gräsman from TAC (and C++ MVP) will talk about Continuous Integration and CruiseControl.NET. If you are in the Malmö/Lund/Helsingborg/Köbenhavn area and interested then “take a look at the forums”:


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