PASS Europe 2006 over

Posted by Chris on October 03, 2006

I am back home after attending PASS Europe 2006 in Barcelona, where I also presented a session myself. I have uploaded a zip file with the presentation that I did (Understanding CLR Integration in SQL Server 2005). I will be posting a followup post about some of the things that I discussed with attendees to my presentation as soon as possible.

Overall I had a good time. The best part as always was spending time and talking with the other attendees and speakers. Me and “Andres”: spent a lot of time with “Haidong Ji”:, Marin Mamic and “James Luetkehoelter”: It was great meeting you guys. Talking with people such as Kevin Kline, Ken Henderson and Randy Dyess is always a great inspiration.

Unfortunately there are not that many people that attend PASS summits in Europe. The good thing about that is that it is easier to network with the ones that are there, but I was expecting more people to attend my session than what I normally get back home at Dotway. Andres and I are thinking of submitting an abstract for PASS in Seatlle later this year, so hopefully I will be at the bigger event as well. We discussed the reason there are so little interest for PASS Europe with Kevin. The things we specifically thought was part of the reason was that the cultural differences in Europe of course make it difficult to attract people outside the country the event is hosted in. I think many people are thinking they will not understand all of the information since the English might be bad, but I do not think that is a problem. All of the speakers I heard was great in English.

We spoke about perhaps running smaller shows, like one day maybe, in several countries would be a better idea. I think it is an interesting idea if PASS can pull it off. Like I said to Kevin, the PASS summits are still the best (and almost only) source for SQL Server-focused sessions so people should be interested in them. Another idea could be to team up with some other more developer-oriented conference, but I am not sure that would be an optimal solution. If you have any thoughts on these issues I am sure “Kevin”: would be really interested in hearing them.


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